KAI LECLERC • Ceiling Walker


. Ceiling Walker








Are you ready for the impossible?

After several years of training, his dream finally came true.
Kai Leclerc walks upside-down, with his feet stuck to the ceiling and his head pointed to the ground, 30 feet below!

With recent special appearances at the «Late Show» with David Letterman or the renowned International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo, just to name a few, Kai Leclerc has reinvented the law of gravity.

In this breath taking performance he combines a fine humour with physical virtuosity. He walks, dances, sings and juggles, all upside-down.

It seems impossible. Yet, word got around the world in no time and Kai Leclerc was invited to perform his new invention in over 20 countries.


It makes you wonder … «how does he do it?»

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